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(links to amanto group shops and cooperative company)

・Cafe & Evet space: Salon de AManTo  /  

・AManTo Cafe & Bar & Event space : AManTo Bar Shuka  /  

・Bar & Evet space: Soranto  /   

・Italy Genoa Restaurant:LA LANTERNA di Genova

・Vegetarian Cafe MINTO

・Theater and EART Laboratory :  Tengei  /  Tengei free HP

・Independent Cinema Gallery : Tengeki  / Tengeki cinema toron mobile

・Book store and gallery space : AManTo Trico Books&Gallery

・Gallery : AManTo Cocoro Museum

・Net shop : 純環-JUNKAN-

・Independent Film Production : Tenei-konsu  / Tenei-konsu mobile

・Guest house : AManTo Guest house

・Performer, Interpreter, human resources, etc. : 道Paradise芸団パラディ Paradise

・Owner Jun's Page : Planet JUN 

・Fortune telling & geomancy (feng sui) :  Seian

・Kimono Class:  Shinrei Kimono Dojo
・Language School : AManTo Language School

・Matchmaking and Meeting : 繋がる会



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