●What is AManTo天人?

Salon de AManTo天人 started as a cafe but at the same time,

it has a function to transmit their mix of cultural information to the world.

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About 10 years ago (In 2001), a 120 year old house attracted one artist and he renovated it to make a community cafe in Nakazaki town in Osaka.

This cafe, Salon de AManTo, was just the beginning we are still expanding our activities around neighborhood through the facilities which we renovate. They are usually old private houses around the big town called Osaka.

Today, AManTO runs the head quarters with about 30 artists who have different backgrounds. So, you may meet a different cafe master any day or night.

Nakazaki town is only 10 minutes walk from Osaka Umeda area where old Japanese tradition still exists.

AManTO chooses this town as a cultural birthplace and managing a theater, cinema, bars, book store, accommodation, galleries, radio station and cafe restaurants.

amanto_nai.gif  We welcome you with a smile, tasty meal, tea    and our experimental art at our self-built cafe    throughout the year.

 art at our self-built cafe through the year.




●AManTO People

Here is an introduction page for AManTo staffs in Japanese.
AManTO-bito means AManTO people who aim to be a celestial being.


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