Cape Kabeeru Kudaka Island Okinawa August 24, 2016

20160718 Iriomote island Okinawa Japan

2013 ''Otona Ennichi''








2005 "mer " setouchi japan

Dance :Jun Amanto

At that time, I was searching for the synchronicity between my dance and nature.

During my trip, I thought it was the right time. I placed a camera and involved the people around and danced as the way I felt.

If conditions are right, natural phenomenon produces numbers of coincidences.

The light, sounds, waves and winds play the harmony and synchronized.

傾舞(kabuku mai)のポリシーが完成しようとしていた2005年頃の映像…
This is the movie in 2005 when the policy of Kabuku Mai had been completed.


Movie" New World" NG cut
"come to fisticuffsat scene " Tunnel in front of Jjyan jyan Alley

This is a cut of one scene ended up an illusion which had not been shown officially. It was shot in the midnight of this new year. Under the condition of very cold and hard situation、we acted without rehearsal. Screening in Osaka is coming soon.



Aug.2009 Kabuku mai @ Cambridge England

Movie "Saika"
JUN who teaches actors how to use swords.
He play the role "Fusuke風助".





花族 KAZOKU with JunAmanto in 朱雀Suzaku hall May 2, 2016)
when I go to a stage to put out an ordered drinks
it's improvisation of unofficial participant

2016 7/22 Jun Amanto主演 映画「縄文 ( 2000年製作大重潤一郎監督作品) 」上映会
Improvisation of Jomon performance immediately after movie ""Jomon""screening。
Djembe / Sugee Dance / Jun

Jun Amanto x Nao Cumy x ham-bient Improvisation Live @ 身体哲学ファイルLOGOシリーズ「傾舞(kabukumai)」供益祈(Kumasui)

performance"Chief seattle's letter "
Opening act of "Nowa Cuming a.k.a Dennis Banks Japan tour" 19 Nov 2015 @Nagoya Japan
Sound : Sadam Komukai
Japanese Recitation : Akira Eguchi
Dance : Jun Amanto
Denis Banks said We have to do to Pray and to Action now .Please be of one mind.



`死角Shikaku Excerpt First in Meiji Period (1890) Jun amanto is Knife throw of Circus and Gamble strike

Movie ”或る探偵の証明 A certain detective's proof ”