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No-Smoking Policy

To all our faithful patrons at Salon de AmanTo, Amanto Bar SHUKA and Vegetarian Cafe MINTO: With the recent debate over passive smoking, we have decided to make Salon de AmanTo,  Amanto Bar SHUKA and Vegetarian Cafe MINTO smoke-free environments in accordance to the WHO Health Promotion Act. From 7/26, all seating will be no-smoking. We appreciate your cooperation with these changes.





☆Routine popular Events☆

Body Phylosophy File -logo series- (contemporary dance)jundance.jpg

Dancer, JUN's kabukumai dance performance.

Every first Saturday (sometimes a schedule will be changed)

CHARGE 2000YEN(drink ticket will be presented under reservation by telephone)

●Salon de AManTo /06-6371-5840

●JUN's Official Site→planet jun