EASY Hangul & KOREAN LEARNINGamanto_nai.gif 

*Closed for now.

●Complete in 3 lessons only! You're able to read and write Hangul.

●Basic course 1500yen (plus 1 order at cafe AManTo)

Every Monday from 19 o'clock (under reservation)

For a demand of private lesson, please feel free to contact us at the following e-mail address:

Enjoy drawing societyDVC00005.JPG

Who'd like to draw a picture, who had an experience but do not have a chance to draw now or who really want to draw、whoever interested in drawing is okay. Let's get together and have fun!

<Date> 2nd & 4th Wed.19:30~21:30
<to bring> Paper, pencils, eraser (you may use our drawing board by free)
<Descriptions > Draw dressed or nude models

plus one drink order at a cafe

Shinrei Kimono dojo.gif

Our method is the most relaxing way to wear kimono. You may experience how to wear kimono in 2 hours workshop.

1day workshop
Wed. or Thu. 2 hours under reservation
Fee: 3000yen
<To bring> White towels、Kimono, Obi, Tabi Socks, Zo-ri

(We have some Kimonos and Obis for rental. 500 yen for Tabi socks under requirement.) If you have Zo-ri shoes or Geta slippers, you can walk around neighboorhood.

Kimono Class (Wed. or Thu.:Thursday is in the morning only.)
You'll be able to wear kimono by yourself approximately within 3 months.
2000yen / lesson (3 lessons /5000yen)


1st Mon.

Digeridoo Classsyun.gif

Do you want to try the oldest flute coming from Australian aboriginal people?
17:00~19:00   20:00~21:00
500yen plus one drink at a cafe

Once a month ( irregular date on Wed.)

Dragon Flute Workshopkourei.gif

Let's try a dragon flute which is used in Gagaku ( Japanese traditional music and dance ).

Instructor: Kohrei Deguchi
17:30~Shino-bue Class
18:30~Ryu-teki (dragon flute) Class

2st & 3rd Thu.

Yoga Class *closed

Happy yoga with a music of Bali.
Instructor: ----


For a detailed information, please inquire to the following address:

attention) The schedule will be changed without notice because the event so please contact us before you come to the class. (As to a visitor, please contact us in advance.)

1st & 3rd Fri.

Shodo and Suibokuga Classsyodou.gif

Shodo & ink paiting class. Please feel free and join us.

Instructor :Byakuren Yoshida
18:00~ 1000yen
Ura-Senke Sado Class

Syuetu Sakurai
Class 2000yen  Tea & sweets only 500yen

3rd Fri.

Study of Community Currencytakahasi.gif

Study Meeting & Osaka☆LETS's regular conference
18:30~ Free

Concept for Cafe University

�Located in the heart of the little town of NAKAZAKI-CHO, a short walk from Umeda, Amanto awaits you. Amanto group can help you learn to be your best self while making new friends and connections. Any one is welcome. Everyone is a teacher, everyone is a student. This is Amanto's learning style of 「HIBIKI SCHOOL」. HIBIKI means to echo, but also to and be heard and undrerstood. In this old cafe, we offer a variety of classes including Spanish, French, English and Japanese sign-language classes. Contact us for more information in joining lessons or check the schedule link to see when the next lessons are.

コンセプトは「響 育」