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開催日: 水曜日または木曜日 要予約。 時間は、ご相談にて。
費用: ¥3000 / ws
持ち物: 1.白いタオル(補整用)
4.足袋 (¥500での販売もあります)



¥2000/レッスン 、¥5000/3レッスン(チケット制)


<Information for the workshop and the class>

Place: Salon de AManTO
Day: Wed. of Thu. for 2 hous under reservation
Fee: 3000 yen for the ws

To bring:

1. Tabi socks or we can prepare for you by 500 yen.

2. White towels (2 to 3 pcs)

3. If you have kimono set, please bring with you.

4. You may rent free if you don't have any.

<For your reference: what you need to wear kimono>

Kimono, obi, obi-age, obi-jime, towels, foundation belt, hada-juban, suso-yoke, naga-juban, tabi-socks, zori-sandals, sash or kolin belt or date-jime, waist belt, mae-ita, clips, straps, etc.

●ordinary kimono lesson●

2000 yen/lesson, 5000 yen/3 lesson (ticket)

・3 months course: once a week X 12 , 20000yen
You can master how to wear kimono by your self in 3 months.

・Day and time: under reservation
ex.) Tue. 18:00-20:00, Wed. 10 to 12, Thu. 11:30 to 13:30